At A Glance

  • Soft curves to explore with an all natural 36D-33-46 Coke Bottle shape

  • Long scarlet curls with a classic Audrey Hepburn fringe

  • Sharp features and soft lips delightfully contrast timeless curves

  • A whimsical scattering of freckles, as if to confirm: "She Tastes like Strawberries.."

As an Austin native, I enjoy skirting the line between classic and comfort; I consider myself a bohemian babe with a curious nature. The type of girl who hates small talk, but prefers rather to ponder the universe with a lover in the presence of art. Some of my favorite inspirations include live symphony orchestras, sculpture gardens, street art, or seeing a new band perform... or perhaps we even make our own.. x


With any free time, I balance going to school for business, self care in the form of road trips and spa days, as well as spending time at home with my fur-baby (a handsome kitty I call Mr. Bear) while getting creative via "Alternative Baking".  As a classically trained chef, dessert was never my strong suit but has recently become a delightful hobby by experimenting with healthy versions of my favorite sweets. On the topic of taste, I will leave you with a favorite French quote to remember me by:

"La vie est trop courte pour boire du mauvais vin" - Life is too short, to drink bad wine


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