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Sharing a moment together is an experience like nothing else - Allow me to introduce you to a few close friends for us to invite along:

Email your introduction & date ideas to for delightfully deviant consideration

Kate Kennedy (Based in Austin Tx) - "A true hedonist at heart, I crave carnal pleasure and affection in addition to intellectual stimulation. I believe eye contact is the most sincere way to actively listen and my favorite place to get lost is in conversation..."

olivia and bdsm.jpg

Olivia Arden (Based in Austin Tx) - "a sophisticated woman with the perfect amount of hedonistic tendencies. I truly believe that all decadent things in life should be enjoyed to the fullest extent, and what better way to get to know someone than to indulge together."

Ellis Hendrix (Based in Dallas Tx, or FMTY nationwide) - "Hello, I'm Elliot. Eccentric, unfailingly genuine with a disarming disposition and a love for laughter. Let's find ways to be decadent together.."

amy 2.jpg

Amy Leigh "Amazing Amy"  (based in Alabama or FMTY nationwide)- "..fond of the ethereal and otherworldly pleasures that life has to offer, I revel in the richness of the human spirit , and make every moment an experience to remember"

--Or email with an introduction x

*Details regarding out of town encounters can be found on my Frequently Asked Questions page

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