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..Let's Clear the Air...

...I'm so glad you have found your way to my little corner of the internet, and I am excited to see where this curious nature of yours takes us. 

What it's all about

-- This page is for those who prefer to make the most of every experience and even stand out from the crowd. You may already know the key to catching my attention is a well worded introduction, but catching and keeping a woman's attention can be two very different tasks. The latter has historically required a bit of courtship from the suitor, and you may be pleased to hear: things haven't changed much when it comes to the language of lust. 

As a traditional romantic, I swoon when spoiled with flowers, chocolates, and other sweet surprises (visit my Wishlist here for specific desires). I also adore celebrating! So holidays birthdays, and anniversaries are all quite appropriate and lovely to spend together. But with our first encounter being a bit anticipatory, I'll let you in on a little secret:  

In order to stand out from the crowd, I recommend we begin with a 4 hour introductory date. We will wine & dine, and discuss everything that makes us tingle - from our daily lives, to our dreams deferred... and perhaps even a plan to defer those dreams no more. As we begin to part ways with minds all abuzz and thirsting for more, we can plan a day date, or flirt with the idea of a weekend away. I thrive off seeing the depths of our passions, and I think you might too x

**Common questions regarding all the dirty little details can also be found on my Frequently Asked Questions page

-Or email with an introduction, and we can plan our date together x

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