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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located? Do you Tour?

My Hometown and current residence is the quirky and beautiful Austin, Tx. I offer private incalls at my apartment near the Domain in north Austin, as well as downtown upon request. (May incur a $100 incall fee)

I do not often tour, but offer "Fly/Drive Me to You" Nationwide.

How Do I Schedule With You?

To receive a booking form, send an introduction including: Name, days/times you prefer to meet, and date ideas to

Extended time together, first encounters, and "Fly me to you" adventures will require a partial deposit. -inquire for more details-

Do You have a Friend (or two) that can join Us?

I have a variety of unique and stunning duet partners that I would love to introduce you to! I recommend an initial solo encounter so we may connect with one another and discuss desires regarding our Ménage à Trois in a more intimate setting


Visit my duets page for more details. Duets rates are priced per companion as listed on her individual rates page. Sometimes these rates differ, so separately marked envelopes are often best, though I have found that the utmost of gentlemen tend to rate match with the more established/higher rate. x

Do You See Couples?

When a couple contacts me, first, I feel so very honored to be invited into their shared space. There are so many reasons to include an experience like this in your relationship and I love the opportunity to inspire and delight all parties involved.

When you are a couple contacting me, I will need to discuss the details with both parties separately, as well as together, so I can be attuned to everyone's desires and there are no unwelcome surprises.

Do You See [Blank]

I often get asked if I see people of a certain sexual or gender orientation, Race or Culture, or those with various disabilities. Though ever so truthfully, as long as you are able to introduce and conduct yourself respectfully, and adhere to my protocols, we will get along swimmingly <3 

As always though, if you have any questions regarding specifics or curiosities/concerns, I urge you to address those with me before we get together, through email or text message so we can each have the best, most relaxing time together x

How can I send a Deposit?

Small Deposits may be sent via Cashapp to @BridgettAdair 

Larger deposits or 'pre-pay' arrangements must be sent to my private P.O. box. -inquire for details-

Will You come to My City? What is Required for a "Fly Me to You"?

Fly Me to You is a unique option for those who are eager to connect. This is a lovely way to enhance the world around you, find beauty, and invite the fresh breath of excitement into your life. 

To ensure our adventure is a success, contact me with at least 2 week notice, booking information, a picture of your Drivers License, and a 50% deposit to my P.O. Box. 

I prefer to handle all flight and hotel accommodations personally. This will be included with your deposit via hotel/airline gift card, Gift Rocket, or sent all together to my P.O. Box. The minimum for Fly Me to You is 4 Hours. Encounters less than 24 hours will be subject to a per diem stipend.

*Drive Me to You available within Texas for a travel fee of $75/hr sent via cashapp, or P.O. Box with at least 48 hour notice (ie. Dallas/Houston: $450, San Antonio: $300) 

Or email with an introduction x

*Details regarding out of town encounters can be found on my Frequently Asked Questions page

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