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Autumn 2022

Hello there my naughty birdy,

I hope I haven’t kept you waiting too terribly long -- we’ve been taking it slow, savoring the last sweet days of summer & letting our passions get caught up in the swirling of the seasons. With the triple digit days of summer long behind us, I’m craving the comfort of these cozy autumn months. The damp leaves underfoot on walks through the park – a smile that brings the quiet promise of steaming coffee-laden afternoons, and early evenings with long sunsets as the star of the show.

As we round the end of September, fall courses are well underway in my little corner of the universe, so you might be more likely to find me tucked away in a local café, enjoying a few too many oat milk lattes with my nose in an (e-)book. In case this has proved to keep me far too busy for you, I’ve spent some time recently adding a fun new page to my website for us to stay in touch between dates – I’ve titled it “From a Distance” under the ‘Curious’ tab on my site, which includes details for texting/photo packages, first look exclusive photo opportunities from my most recent shoots, and access to a blog I’ve been playing with as of late. The password is currently available to established suitors upon request (have booked a date within the last year). For any new friends who I have yet to meet: Send a short introduction email and a $100 access fee via cashapp (payment details listed under the FAQ page) to receive the password in response x

I wouldn’t be a lover of history, culture, and general merriment if I hadn’t noticed though: Oktoberfest events are right around the corner -- A celebration of their history, beer, and love, Germans have been celebrating this holiday for over 200 years beginning when Bavaria's Crown Prince Ludwig married Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen in 1810. This weekend is the beginning of the celebration here in Austin with festivities all around town, even including a couple of notable events at my absolute favorite local brewery. All work and no play is simply not the way after all x

And perhaps it’s a touch cliché but I’m in complete adoration with this season. Festivals and face paint, and costumes and candy are such an open invitation within our normally rigid adult lives to let loose a bit. I just don’t even know what we are aiming for in life, if upon sighting a pile of beautifully crunchy leaves, we aren’t jumping right in! Additionally, if you tempt me with a Halloween costume party invite, well, I may be liable to come up with a plan for us to absolutely crush any potential costume competition ^.^ It does seem though that somewhere along the way we lost sight of fun loving costume parties and cast it out as a thing of the past – left to the fondly vintage memories of the 60’s & 70’s when every weekend was a reason for a theme party -- well I say we ought to bring the trend back. This season calls for a revival of the senses, and I’ve got a few ideas to fit the bill:

Date Ideas

  • Oktoberfest style Autumnal Nights in Austin $1700 (7 hours) – An evening this month or next, exploring fall flavors and creations at Austin’s most eventful beer garden (and my personal favorite local brewery) followed by a sensational walk through the notorious “Pumpkin Nights” event, where we might find an excuse to wander off together and find our way toward a more secret and secluded part of the park x

  • Meet Me in Marfa; Big Bend Cave Dwelling + Stargazing $6500 (2 Nights + Nearly 3 Full Days - accommodations priced separately) – Fly away with me into the expansive & eccentric Marfa, Tx for a peek at the scenery, exhibits, and atmosphere that make this city so truly unique. Afterwards, we will head to our one-of-a-kind accommodations at the seasonal Big Bend National Park, just a short drive away, where we will be tucked into the scenery for a grounding and immersive escape into the Texas fall foliage

With some trips already on the books this season, including a few days in early November to upstate New York (select availability applicable), be sure to check my travel page for updates and potential availability. If you don’t like what you see, perhaps a well typed invitation will inspire me to pack a bag or amend an agenda.


B. Adair

P.S. I made a cozy little paylist for you to listen to on Spotify [HERE] perfect for rainy day coffee runs, the first crisp morning of October, or just something to spring you into the seasonal mood x

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