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Summer 2022

As we wrap up lush spring, and Taurus season comes to a close, we are splashing head first into the long and lusty days of June. With the celebration of Pride month and the official start of summer right around the corner, things are just heating up. It seems this is going to be a delightfully deviant summer, so long as we have anything to do with it x

The month of June has historically marked the celebration of the beginning of Pride or the fight for rights within the LGBTQ+ community [Donate Here]. It’s a time to celebrate the self, each other, and the unique Eros we all carry; a time to be as unequivocally you as you can be. Even if you do not consider yourself to be a queer person, I think we can all appreciate this month, and what the community stands for, as we are all looking for a space to be ourselves, perhaps especially in t

his unique realm we inhabit. Of course, selfishly this month is also a wonderful excuse to get a few of your favorite bi-babes in a room together for a little make out session

The remainder of the summer is sure to be busy & bustling - filled with bikinis, BBQs, and waterparks perfect for bouncing babes in their skimpiest attire, eager to distract every dad and lifeguard in sight. Though if you are still looking for the perfect activity to fill these long and languid days of summer, I’ve thought up a few lovely ideas for us to make some waves of our own:

Date Ideas

  • Austin Lake Day at Hippie Hollow $1700 (up to 6 hours) - An eventful afternoon of sightseeing and “keeping things weird” at Austin’s notorious natural & nude swimming hole: Hippie Hollow. Frozen margaritas at Oasis over the river are sure to keep up cool after a perfectly sizzling afternoon.

  • Destin Beach Resort $5500 (2 nights + nearly 2 full days; accommodations priced separately) - Sexy summertime fun wouldn’t be complete without white sand beaches and all inclusive resorts like this beautiful location in Destin, FL simply begging for a few bouncing babes to attend.

If you would like to take advantage of the season and my above ideas, be sure to mention this Summer Newsletter in your email introduction x - And though I have plans to be in Austin the remainder of the season, a well typed invitation will likely inspire me to pack a bag, but with my weekend schedule already filling up, and my eye on an additional class later next month, you may want to reach out sooner rather than later to catch my attention Xx

Click here for a few select summer tunes to enjoy grooving poolside, long road trips, and stolen sunset kisses x

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