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Winter Kisses & a Farewell to 2022

The chilly romance of winter is nearly upon us, and I am burning with excitement and swirling ideas … Scenes of a fire burning warm in the distance as you walk through the crisp winter air. A silhouette approaching, draped in furs - She takes your hand to lead you away. Standing tall, she moves through the winter landscape with grace and poise her sultry confidence hypnotizing you. her hair bright cascading down her shoulders like a fiery river in the night. As you enter a clearing she turns to you, her eyes glitter with mischief and mystery, captivating you with their sparkling depths. Her lips are the color of roses, and her skin is as soft as snow. The cold can no longer touch you as she pulls you into her arms, drawing in even closer, a night of desire and pleasure …

The autumn leaves have all but fallen and we are left with a whirlwind that was this past fall. I had initially planned for this to be a farewell note, an adieu to this avenue of communication, but with the ever-looming possibility of the mass de-platforming of our industry, I think I'll keep these little love notes going for a bit longer. This change in Twitter management is simply a good reminder in my eyes that personal platforms for sexy lifestyle updates, photos, and communication is best, especially in our sex worker realm. With that said I've been committing some extra time to my personal website with biweekly photo updates, seasonal date packages and blog posts between semesters. I'll still be offering something special with every newsletter for us to enjoy both visually and in a more cerebral realm, but now we can have a secret space for our naughty ideas to intertwine between seasons as well. In fact, the next blog post that I've had on my mind is going to be something on the ways of kink within a girlfriend experience. Because in my eyes a true companion experience, or girlfriend experience, is one in which we both act out our true desires, and for many (and sometimes for me as well of course) that includes a fair dose of kink into our playtime. But those are just some thoughts I've had, and something for you to look out for on my private page within these coming months as I float between semesters xx

As we drift into winter I've almost hung all of my Christmas decorations and finished Holiday baking! My kittens love this time of year of course: Mr bear with his gold bows, and my fluffy baby girl always pouncing him from behind the boxes and tissue paper! ^.^ I think I may just need to get them some cozy Christmas sweaters to snuggle into lest they take over my tree again. I’m excited to have some time upcoming this winter to pursue some more creative endeavors. I’ve signed up for my first month of dance classes, and I’m also planning another photoshoot with my favorite in-town photographer before the end of the year! Photoshoot sponsorship of $250 or more grants you lifetime access to my private pg, as well as early exclusives for New year’s day. I’ve also loaded my Wishlists [HERE] with lingerie and extras for the secret Santa’s & naughty elves who want to be involved xx

The Winter season is always such a beautiful time to reflect and try something new or gift yourself for a year of hard work. I’m so excited for everything worth celebrating this year, and have come up with some ideas for us to celebrate together and put some sparkle into the season as well:

‘Kiss the Chef’ Culinary Adventure $1700 + $250 grocery budget -

(Up to 6 hours – you bring the vino!)

Tis’ the season to make a little mess; Let’s get our hands dirty in the kitchen together! Here’s how it works: you tell me your favorite meal, and I’ll get busy shopping and making all the preparations for us. When you arrive, we will craft a few cocktails (or mocktails) before rolling up your sleeves & following me into the kitchen to see what kind of magic (and maybe a little mess) we can make together! Plus, you’ll get to be part of a select group of lucky ducks who know just how cute I look in an apron xx

All-inclusive Winter Wonderland Adventure $3800 -

(Overnight in Austin, San Antonio, Houston, or Fredricksburg)

We will begin our evening exploring one of the city’s glittering showcases of light to dance and dizzy ourselves under the stars. After we are thoroughly delighted, we can keep cozy at my favorite iconic cocktail lounge (or wine tasting) before finally giving in to our excited minds back in our room.

After the holidays I’ll be escaping to a warmer climate for a little get away in late January before returning to town for more classes and this “real life” we keep playing at – until then I’ll leave you with a little something to remember me by and a few tunes to tickle your ears before we meet again x

Click Here for Winter Tunes to keep you warm <3

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