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"Bridgett is really fun to talk to. She has a wild side but a down to earth sense to her as well. I enjoyed our banter back and forth and the sexual energy she possesses." ~R

"She is a complete package of sweetness, intelligence, sexiness, compassion and just plain fun!" ~SS

"...and standing before me was a gorgeous redhead with the prettiest face, the cutest freckles, and the sweetest smile. I honestly don’t remember what she was wearing (something casual, appropriate) because I was transfixed on her glorious visage..." ~DJ

"Bridgett has a very hot and down to earth attitude, super nice gal to be with and I would continue to see her again." ~H

"...I collapsed for a few minutes and, as we recovered. We drank more Prosseco as we snuggled together with the pillows and discussed psychology, Carl Jung, life ambitions, sex, and the virtues of red vs. white wine. We started caressing and kissing each other again…." ~DJ

"Actually it was lightest brush of the lips that sent electricity through my body at the end of a session. [something] I’ll never forget." ~J 

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*Information regarding out of town encounters can be found on my Frequently Asked Questions page

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