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...Wild with Wanderlust...

While I adore Austin, Tx and all it has to offer, travel is an old love of mine. Fly or Drive me to your city for a delightful adventure with your curious coquette 🖤✈ 50% deposit required for our time together + travel and accommodations

Visit my F.A.Q page for details and email me directly for a booking form.

*Planned travel dates/locations listed below || Unmarked dates indicate potential availability 

Invite me to your city 

Fly/Drive Me to You is a convenient option for those who are eager to connect! This is a lovely way to enhance the world around you, find beauty, and invite the fresh breath of excitement into your life. 

Drive Me to You available within Texas for a travel fee of $75/hr sent via cashapp, or P.O. Box with at least 48 hour notice (ie. Dallas/Houston: $450, San Antonio: $300) 

For Fly me to You encounters, be sure to contact me with at least 2 week notice with your booking information, a picture of your Drivers License, and a 50% deposit to my P.O. Box (details provided to you post screening). Hotel and Flight accommodations will need to be provided with your deposit  via hotel/airline gift card, or sent all together to my P.O. Box. The minimum for Fly Me to You is 4 Hours. Encounters less than 24 hours will be subject to a per diem stipend.

Email me at for your booking form 🖤

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