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Bridgett Adair

-Curious Travel Companion + Luscious Natural Redhead-
|| Leading Lovers by the Necktie since 2018 x

There are a great many musings in this world, and your curious nature has you searching for a bit of wonder. An adventure, an encounter, and of course -

-A Sidekick🤍

Wildness shines from deep within my hazel eyes; the shifting hues implicative of a love for nuance and exploration. My natural scarlet curls cascade over feminine curves classique.

Most days you will find me in a sundress and stilettos - picking flowers or sipping espresso at my favorite Austin locales. But the fiery Taurus in me is more than meets the eye, and new experiences are what I adore most of all. You are sure to be compelled by the ideas that slip so easily from these blushing lips....

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